Asma Naqi

Dr Asma Naqi (Group Practice Course (GPC) for MRCOG Part 3)

We have just completed our second group practice course for MRCOG part 3 during the lock-down. Year 2020 has been tough on everyone but fortunately we have managed to keep up motivation amongst the participants with our most unique course ‘GPC’.  It is very satisfying to have some really satisfied students. Here are some snapshots of their heartfelt messages on the WhatsApp chat group.



Special thanks to the co-moderators for their dedicated participation under the leadership of the moderator and mentor Dr Asma Naqi.

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Kritika Vats


The basis of MRCOG part 3 is communication! and therefore this course is an excellent way to start preparation for mrcog part 3. They scrutinise the way you speak which includes your body language, your tone, your phrases and words to see if they are appropriate or not and give you clear, crisp and much needed feebacks that you will relish for your lifetime. I must congratulate and sincerely thanks my speaking buddy Yumnah who under the guidance of Dr Asma has taken personal pain in picking up these points and suggesting ideas to improvise so beautifully !! I would like to definately recommend this course to everyone i know! DR KRITIKA VATS
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Nasrin Balla Mohamed Khalafalla

Dr Nasrin Balla Mohamed Khalafalla (MRCOG SPEAKING STAR)

I was looking for a course to improve my fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and confidence to speak and communicate in English and Speaking Star course more than helpful. My study partner (Yumna) under the supervision of Dr Asma, identified my language problems and smartly guided me through the course. I gained an immediate improvement in my language as well as my communication skills. They took the time to understand my needs as an exam candidate and gave me a few amazing tips and plans to practice as much as i can. I wholeheartedly recommend, Speaking Star Course to everyone I know.
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Help Desk

Mr Help Desk (Communication Skills Workshop)

Communication Skills Workshop (anonymous feedback from survey monkey)

Our first Communication Skills Workshop was held live a while ago. The participants found it extremely useful and requested that a recording to be made available for anytime subscription. Keeping in view the significance of this workshop and non-availability of any such event elsewhere, the recording is now available for subscription.

Below are some responses gathered as anonymous feedback.

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