Raising awareness:

Cambridge dictionary describes awareness as a knowledge that something exists. Awareness is a critical first step to breaking the stigma and identifying a problem. When an issue is communicated openly, people realise that they are not alone in their struggles and their issues are important

BeMRCOG has a cause of raising awareness among doctors regarding issues they face in their day to day life. They might not be paying enough attention to themselves, because they are too busy caring for others. Awareness is important to increase enthusiasm and support, stimulate self-help and use appropriate resources to improve the quality of your life. Doctors lead a life full of responsibilities and stresses which can compromise their personal well-being, because unexamined issues may lead to burn-out, moral distress and compassion fatigue; consequently affecting patient care.

Why to raise awareness?

Lack of awareness may leave people in challenging situations feeling isolated and unsupported. When important issues are left unattended, the greatest harm is that people start accepting those issues as the norm. Even worse they may not recognise that there is a problem. This contradiction to reality may lead to depression, lack of self-confidence and lower self-esteem.

The consequences of burnout, compassion fatigue, and moral distress are profound and range from personal crisis to suboptimal patient care.

Topics of raising awareness:

Topics covered are:

  • Doctors use social media
  • Doctors and depression
  • Bullying at work-place
  • Self-care
  • Toxic co-worker

If you feel there is a topic of considerable importance that could be added to this section, please contact us and let us know.

Who can subscribe to these tutorials?

Any doctor from any speciality can subscribe to these e-tutorials; because these topics are of general interest to all healthcare professionals.

How to access these tutorials?

These tutorials are available as an online activity in the form of e-tutorials and can be accessed instantly after subscription. However, before you could subscribe, you need to sign-up for BeMRCOG membership. Signing up for membership is a quick and free of cost process.

Are these tutorials CPD accredited?

Yes, these tutorials are CPD accredited and you can earn 2 CPD credits per tutorial. These credits are internationally recognised and accepted. You can know more about where to use these CPD credits here.

How will I receive my CPD certificate?

After completion of the tutorial, you will be required to fill up feedback form on the activity. Upon completion and successful submission of this form, you will be able to download a PDF copy of your CPD Certificate.

What is the fee of these tutorials?

These tutorials are free of cost. Other than the intention of raising awareness, you may also wish to subscribe for these tutorials to earn free CPD credits. These credits can be used for annual appraisal, licensing and revalidation.

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