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This is indeed a golden moment in the history of BeMRCOG Ltd. Our courses are now accredited by the CPD Standards Office, UK. This validates our commitment to excellence, as well as, guarantees a high standard service to our subscribers.

BeMRCOG takes the pride of delivering CPD accredited courses to our subscribers validating our commitment to excellence. The term CPD (Continuous Professional Development) is also known as CME (Continuous Medical Education) in some countries. It is the responsibility of every professional to continuously strive to improve their skills and knowledge by maintaining CPD activities. CPD credits are globally used to validate the competencies of medical doctors.

What are CPD credits?

CPD credits are awarded on any accredited activities. Different professional bodies use different terms for the time spent in a professional development activity e.g. points, units, hours. All of these terms relate to the same thing: time spent in ‘active learning’.

Active learning is defined as the actual time spent on learning something relevant to Continuous Professional Development objectives. For example 1-day Clinical Governance Workshop starts at 8am and ends at 4pm, with two coffee breaks and one lunch break. The active learning time is 7 hours, therefore the CPD activity measures for 7 CPD credits.

Where to use CPD credits?

Most of the Medical Councils require a certain number of these credits at the time of revalidation or renewal of your licence to practice. Employers contracting doctors are required to ensure their workforce is up-to-date and maintaining necessary knowledge and skills. A summary of CPD activities is reviewed on annual appraisals and is an essential requirement for revalidation of your license to practice as a doctor. Other uses of these credits are in job planning and PDPs.

CPD accredited activities are also funded by some organisations where they cover your educational allowance. You can also include these activities in your RCOG CPD portfolio.

What is a CPD portfolio?

A CPD portfolio allows you to keep a track of progression from year to year. CPD credits are proof that you are continuously striving to maintain your standards in medical practice. These credits are granted on any accredited activities that you engage in, out of your workforce, but the activity does contribute to your professional development.

Recording your CPD credits:

Recording CPD points in a structured and consistent manner throughout the year makes it easier to keep yourself up to date with your learning activities. It allows reflection on what has been gained from the CPD activity and enables to track the gaining and maintaining of a skill set as well as what skills to develop next

Such a record ensures that a course attended by the individual is not simply that of general interest, but it is actually relevant to their annual capability improvement objectives. When recording CPD, generally it should contain the following information: Date of activity, the title of the activity, a brief description with learning objectives, a method of learning, number of hours and learning outcomes.

Which BeMRCOG courses are CPD accredited?

The following courses at BeMRCOG are CPD accredited:

  • -  MRCOG Part 3 e-course ( 1-2 CPD credits per tutorial)
  • -  MRCOG Part 3 live online 2-day workshop ( 14 CPD credits for the 2-day event)
  • -  MRCOG Part 2 e-courses (2-3 CPD credits per tutorial)
  • -  MRCOG Part 2 live online 3-day workshop ( 21 CPD credits for the 3-day event)
  • -  Clinical Governance live online 1-day workshop ( 7 CPD credits for the 1-day event)
  • -  Medical statistics live online 2-day workshop ( 14 CPD credits for the 2-day event)
  • -  MRCOG Part 1 e-course (1-2 CPD credits per tutorial)
  • -  Raising awareness (2 CPD credits per tutorial)
Can I use BeMRCOG CPD credits outside the UK?

Yes, BeMRCOG courses are accredited by the CPD Standards Office, UK and are recognised internationally.

How can I claim my credits?

The CPD completion certificate can be obtained after completing the feedback at the end of the CPD accredited activity.

GMC (General Medical Council, UK) has developed specific guidance on CPD that can be accessed here:

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