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Webinar feedback (August 2016)

Below mentioned is a compilation of feedback comments on the 3-day intensive course (webinar) conducted on Aug. 5-7, 2016. Overall satisfaction rate of attendees was 99%. Comments are anonymous as gathered using survey monkey. Testimonials will be added as received, so please do check later for more reviews.


‘I feel immense pleasure penning down my reviews about this webinar. I felt it to be very clear and nicely presented. Facilitator, Dr. Asma Naqi was very friendly and co-operative for which I would like to thank her. Content of the course was nicely trimmed and easy to understand. It was an amazing experience. At the end of this course I feel more equipped and motivated and I highly recommend this to all MRCOG students.’ – Dr. Sarosh Khan


‘This event helped in giving direction and focus in my preparation, I noticed the difference in reading the same guideline again. The positive encouraging attitude of Dr Asma is the best part and the time she gives to each and every one of us patiently is amazing. This webinar was good, a great introduction to the tip of the iceberg, which is the way my target looks to me.’ – Anonymous


‘It is different. It is highly interactive, and for the first time I believe I can pass the MRCOG Part 2 exam. I was completely lost on day 1, and gradually I began to grab the concept of the webinar. I think this unique feature of this webinar should have been stated in the advert for the course. This is an excellent course.’ – Anonymous


‘It was wonderful experience through webinar. Something new. I appreciate the patience of the tech support team while dealing with so many attendees.’ – Anonymous


‘Interactive skills, looks like that you are in a live presentation.  It changed my thought process. Through this webinar, I identified who  I am , at what level I am, how can I improve? It really motivated me, I was down , I really needed some words to enlighten me. Dr Asma you helped, I would say you read our minds very well, very supportive attitude, not all moderators have this skill. Thank you once again!’- Anonymous


‘Highly recommend this to everyone before starting to prepare for MRCOG, it gives you a different direction.’ – Anonymous


‘Focused content; active participant; pleasant and untiring personality of co-ordinator.’- Anonymous

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