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Dr. Namrata Gaikwad (MRCOG Part 2)

 I passed MRCOG part 2 exam in Jan 2018. I cannot express my gratitude for Dr. Asma Naqi in words. Being non UK candidate I didn’t know many basic things about practice in UK. Previous failed attempt further added to my frustration.
    Dr. Asma methodically dissected my weak points and guided me in the right direction. She specifically instructed how to make notes, corrected them multiple times till she felt satisfied.  I think that exercise made all the difference in the end.
   She was there at each step. When we felt low she had the kind encouraging words, but the strict ones if necessary too. I will be forever grateful.
I wish to thank the whole BeMRCOG team for making it possible.
Thanks again!

Dr. Namrata Student BeMRCOG