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Dr Uzma Sabir Aleem (Part 3 workshop.Part 3 Online course and Whats app group practice)

10 Jun 2019

Hello all, this is Uzma Sabir Aleem.Alhamdollilah I am today standing among passed candidates and writing this testimonial. I joined bemrcog in March 2018 after passing part 2 in first attempt, without a clue about part 3. Bemrcog was the first course I took to begin my preparation for part 3. Asma is an amazing, very strict teacher, who guided me towards the right path which all part 3 candidates should follow specially the non UK candidates, She will not provide you with cooked material but will make you work hard and use your energy in finding it the right way. , honestly speaking there were times I thought of just quitting all this struggle and live peacefully, than I got strength from Asma. She will pick your weakness, help you overcome them, identify your strength, and work with you to polish them further.The online material and group practice all will help you to organize yourself in a structured way and get ready for part 3.My advice to all members taking her course is to follow her advice religiously and you will surely be a winner soon. She is a tough mentor, but she will never misguide you. Give it your best and leave rest to ALLAH.I am very thankful to Asma and all the team for helping Non UK candidates, and giving them a true insight of part 3 exam. Thanks God bless you.

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