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Dr Rachael Lobo (BeMRCOG part 3 E- course + Group Practice)

30 May 2019

The dream to attain membership at the RCOG has finally been fulfilled !! I feel privileged to able to share my experience here regarding clearing the last step.I was blessed to have completed the first two steps in the first attempt and wanted to do so with part 3 also. Being an exam candidate residing and practicing outside UK,one has to think of strategies to optimise the process of exam prep.My period of study was approximately 8 weeks in total ,alongside regular clinical duties and calls. It was clear that doing course after course wasn't the answer.Its important to choose 1-2 online courses and 1 circuit course in the UK.For the latter,I chose the part 3 course held by the RCOG itself.For the online course,I chose only one :the package of BeMRCOG E- course + Group practice, which proved to be one of the best decisions in the process of my prep. For the group study,Dr Asma Naqi has smartly divided the candidates into small sets ,so as to have maximum interaction and discussion.I was initially unsure about how much I would be able to participate,but Dr Asma and her team of wonderful moderators- Fathima and Maryam- have a knack! They know how to get you out of your shell and on the right track .This is not a spoon fed course.It gets you to use your best skills and work on your weak points, so that at the time of the exam you put your best foot forward.They familiarise you with the UK terminology, system and patient care. Its challenging and demanding,but worth it in the end.You learn from the daily discussions ,feedbacks and the alternative methods of teaching utilised.All the resources are available for review on the E- course at your convenience!The scheduled live sessions are extremely informative and not to be missed.You learn how to manage the module,regardless of the specific question thrown at you, based on your daily group practice. Dr Asma Naqi is extremely supportive and analyses each candidate,helping them to work on their weak points.This course isn't easy, but then again neither is the exam and thats exactly why it gets you ready for showtime! Extremely thankful to Dr Asma,Fathima and Maryam for their untiring efforts and guidance.

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