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Dr Fatima (MRCOG part 3)

30 May 2019

Hi everyone, I am Gul Fatima and here I want to share my experience regarding part 3. I cleared it in 2nd attempt. Reason being I was very vague not knowing the exams at all. Fortunately, I came across BeMrcog course and I listened to Asma ' s tutorials and that very moment was game changing. Tutorials were extraordinarily simple but those were keys to unlock Mrcog quest for me. After that I joined group practice and I found Asma's way of teaching absolutely untraditional and innovative. It was quite hectic and grilling exercise but after attending it I was confident about exams. I almost attended all workshops and enjoyed them a lot . I am very lucky to be a part of this team . Apart from exam learning, I have learnt alot about other things which I can't explain. Coming back to part 3, here you are taught how to approach exams in a systematic and methodical way and how to crack exams even if you dont know each and every station. I highly recommend this course to those especially who have no idea about NHS system or part 3 exams.

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