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Dr Mazkiah Buang (MRCOG Part 2: 1. Full E-course with question bank 2. 3 day-intensive course 3. Clinical governance 4. Doctors in difficulty MRCOG Part 3: 1. E-course 2. 2 day-workshop 3. Group practice 4. 1 to 1 session (1 session))

15 May 2019

Hello everyone. I passed my Part 2 and Part 3, thanks to Dr. Asma. Thank you Tahira Bashir Solehria for introducing me to Dr. Asma. To pass the exam, you need to, not only attend or subscribe to these courses, but you need to apply the techniques taught to you by Dr. Asma. For Part 2: 1. Write your own notes 2. Do flowchart 3. Listen to Dr. Asma's audio (use bluetooth headphone for maximum benefit) 4. Revise 5. Practice by doing questions 6. Discuss with friends (join facebook/ telegram/ whatsapp) For Part 3: 1. Know the modules 2. Read PIL 3. Practice a lot (speak, speak, speak) All of us can do it. We need a proper guidance. And my guidance in this case was Dr. Asma. Thank you.

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