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Dr ummarah Ahmad (MRCOG Part 3)

19 Mar 2019

I wanted to have my picture on BeMRCOG website from the day I came to know about this amazing group. The only way to get it done was to pass MRCOG. My name is Ummarah Ahmad and those who were in part 3 BeMRCOG group in 2018 know me well (I guess). I feel privileged to write a testimonial for Be MRCOG and feel proud to be a part of this group. Anyone sitting for an exam works hard and so did I. My struggle continued from 2016 since I passed MRCOG part 2. While working in UAE, under UK trained consultants, it made me kind of confident that I can get through part 3 without any difficulty but I realized very late that exam pattern has changed. I had already finished my three attempts before I joined BeMRCOG (many thanks to my friend Dr Tahira Bashir Solehria who encouraged me to join this group). Unfortunately, every attempt I was just 2 marks short of passing and felt that there is something which is missing in my preparation but no one could pinpoint. This made me really frustrated and disheartened and I started hating this exam. It was my sheer luck that I joined BeMRCOG and that began my journey towards success. Within few weeks of joining, I realized that all I need is to change my attitude towards exam preparation. Let me tell you how: Part 3 is all about a systematic way of learning which I lacked previously. After joining BeMRCOG I started going through E tutorials which covers all the 14 modules, domains & consultation model in a very structured way. The course subscription was for one year and it gave me ample time to analyse and correct myself. WhatsApp group was a very different way of learning. Everyone knows that there are trillions of online groups for the exam materials but I never liked any of those and had my reservations for this BeMRCOG WhatsApp group as well. Once I started participating, then there was no stopping. The best thing was that it is a supervised group unlike others where everyone comes up with a different idea and more confusion. Few things about Asma now. A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instil the love for learning (Brad Henry) and this is exactly what Asma did. She is such a loving person but at the same time very strict and disciplined. She encouraged the group members to do brain storming and then she used to add or modify our answers. It then became a second nature for me to try and find solutions myself. I had one on one sessions with Asma and she so correctly and effortlessly pin pointed my deficiencies which I did not realize myself. The videos of those session are a treasure for me 😊 Asma and BeMRCOG taught me that its not about passing an exam, its about changing your attitude towards patient care. MRCOG is not about having an additional degree in your name but to be a passionate physician who cares about his/her patients in an empathetic way This testimonial would not be complete without mentioning Dr Najam Mehmood (from DiD) who works behind the scenes and helped me overcome my fear of examiners, Thank you Najam. Asma and BeMRCOG you are the best because you brought out the best in us!

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