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Dr Gulerana (MRCOG Part-3)

24 May 2015

Thanks you so much Dr. Asma to help me out for OSCE exam without UK travel and without other courses. I strongly recommend this course for those who are beginners, those who are struggling and those who need continuous and consistent support and guidance. Special and prominent feature of Dr. Asma’s course that makes it different from any other courses, is her physical and spiritual presence in helpless situations. On steps when you could not move your body to find a way ,she is there to hold your hand so TIGHTLY EVEN YOU CAN CRY WITH PAIN……….. Now, I think this was much better for me as I’m relived after my success in the first attempt in OSCE without any UK experience. I think to have her course and support along with Dr Tom’s sessions, it is enough to pass the exam in one go. Regards.

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