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Dr Maryam Jawwad (MRCOG Part-3)

10 Dec 2018

There is no short cut to success and whenever you hit the rock bottom you bounce back higher. Both these facts get reinforced every time you achieve any wonder. Same went with me. I am Alhamdulillah an MRCOG now that was once thought of a distant dream, especially being a non UK candidate. During this journey of mine, there is an exhaustive list of people who held me up and taught me things that contributed in where I’m standing today. One among those gems is surely Asma Naqi. Once you look around for the Mentors to guide you through the way to this qualification, Asma Naqi must be among the top notch choices. She is an institution in herself, an emblem of self-directed learning which helps you depend on yourself and is the most advanced way of learning in current age. She will literally wake you up from numbness, helps you reach out for the enlightenment of knowledge and makes sure you do! She makes you asses your own needs, contemplate on them and then look out for the ways to sort them out. She knows exactly which neurons to activate in what situation. Moreover, I understood the logic of the part 3 exam, demonstration of teamwork and leadership skills, affective expression of knowledge and essence of empathy and above all the art of reflective learning from this torch bearer. I thank the BeMRCOG team to be a part of my struggle and wish the very best of luck to all those who are still on the way towards their aim. Fight hard and you will surely achieve it sooner than soon. Kind Regards, Maryam Jawwad

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