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Dr Yin Yin Shwe (MRCOG Part-3)

09 Dec 2018

Hello, I am Yin Yin Shwe from Myanmar. I cleared my Part 3 MRCOG in November 2018 in the very 1st attempt. I joined BeMRCOG in July 2018. BeMRCOG course is the one and only online course I joined on the recommendation of my friend Ei Mon Han who passed in first attempt after attending this course. I attended 2 days online workshop and the clinical governance workshop. From e-tutorials and workshops, I understood competency of ST5, patient safety and empathy; those 3 things were essential things to pass the exam. Asma, you always guided us to have empathy and not to go beyond ST5 level in exam even if we work in reality at consultant level. Your voice still echoes in my ears. You not only guided me to pass the exam but also to apply everything I learnt in my daily work. Thank you very much! Asma. You are a wonderful mentor, leader and motivator.

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