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Dr Anusuya Banerji (MRCOG Part-3)

09 Dec 2018

I feel privileged to be able to write a testimonial for this group which has supported me in such hard times. Today seems such a wonderful day with my dream of MRCOG accomplished. After clearing my Part 2 in January 2018, and passing through the euphoria, I finally decided to sit for my part 3 in May 2018. However, when I started to prepare I had no clue of how to begin with this final part. I searched online and I came across this online course and its the only e-course I registered then. Perhaps it was the most wise step I took that time. The two day workshop on 17th and 18th March was an eye opener. It was really helpful to get a clear understanding on what theexam is all about. Though quite exhausting, it was a learning experience I won’t forget for times to come. It was lovely being able to interact with such a wonderful mentor. Then came the group practices where the learning continued on an all together different level. I also attended the clinical governance workshop. It was such a non-conventional and simplified approach to a subject which gives creeps to non UK candidates. Unfortunately, in the exams in May, I tasted failure. I still remember the Debriefing Session after that..,and Asma saying that she could see that I have still not come out of it. I recollect her words today, ”To begin with, we have to first unlearn things, then only can we learn things in the correct way”. And within the next couple of days, I shed all my frustration and never looked back since then.. I went through all her e-tutorials word by word. Believe me, whatever is needed for this exam is embedded in them. Every time you read through them, you learn something very new and subtle. The next round of Group Practice started from the scratch. These were the real building blocks since they teach you things no other course tells you. Because it focusses on the attitude and mindset required to clear the exams. There is no other way of learning the concepts of leadership and teamwork better. I tried to work in the directions given by Asma, and today with the degree in hand, everything seems worth it. Believe me, Asma is a wonderful Mentor. She will tell you on the face, without any sugar coating, where are your weaknesses. We just need to accept it and wipe off that weakness from our mindset and things become much simpler.. Finally , Passed MRCOG in my second attempt. As Asma says, there is a right time for everything. Thank you Asma for your immense contribution in my success. Also met some very interesting friends in the group , learning with whom made this experience much more enjoyable. May God bless you Asma for helping out people like us who were struggling to get things right. A wonderful person, and an incredible mentor ,that’s what you are Asma.

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