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Dr Sarosh Khan (MRCOG Part-2 & 3)

09 Dec 2018

‘The best teachers teach from the heart ,not from the book.’ To be able to pass this exam without ever having worked in UK is an achievement by itself and it could not have been possible without Dr Asma who guided me through it all. It takes time to understand the MRCOG part 3 exam but once you get an idea ,it’s not a difficult exam at all. Part 3 Be MRCOG tutorials explain everything regarding the exam from the domains to the confidentiality and consent. All the 14 modules are explained separately and thoroughly with examples .. In my opinion BeMRCOG course is one of the best online course available in recent times. With daily WhatsApp group activities Dr Asma guided us at every step. Her teaching style is unique and can be beautifully explained by the following quote; ‘Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.’ I highly recommend BeMRCOG tutorials which in my opinion is the first step in the right direction. Thank you, Sarosh Khan

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