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Dr Kulsoom Tunio (MRCOG Part-3)

09 Dec 2018

My journey with BeMRCOG started in April 2017. It was the first group I joined. I didn’t know anything about how to prepare for part 3. I started going through e-tutorials and attended the online workshop. E-tutorials helped a lot as the fog started lifting. But I didn’t clear in May 2017, mostly because of my own lack of preparation and lack of understanding the exam. After that failure, I wanted to quit ,it was at that time Dr Asma Naqi, the wonderful mentor encouraged me to continue. There were so many opportunities to improve our communication skills during group practice sessions, that slowly and gradually I overcame my hesitancy and started participating actively. The constructive feedback by Asma, the gentle nudges in right direction and constant encouragement helped a lot. I started enjoying the sessions and I also attended the clinical governance workshop, which showed us, how things work in UK and I got a scenario on consent in my exam ☺. Thank you Asma for your constant guidance and help.

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