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Dr Hala Shawky (MRCOG Part-2 & 3, MRCPI)

09 Dec 2018

I am very happy today after I have passed my MRCPI and MRCOG and I would like to share my experience with BeMRCOG because Dr Asma’s courses are one thing that has helped me in difficult times. Earlier on I passed MRCPI in first attempt and I feel that I was lucky because I took part in BeMRCOG’s part 2 course also because of which I had all my basic knowledge in place with a very structured approach. From the part 2 course I learned how to approach a patient in a systematic manner and in an easy-to-remember sequence. I also got huge benefit from attending Clinical Governance workshop because that is also incorporated in MRCPI now. For MRCOG oral assessment, I found BeMRCOG the most informative course that teaches you communication skills in detail. I attended live workshop with Asma that gave me my first idea about new format of the exam. I particularly enjoyed the Clinical Governance workshop because it was a scenario based learning which helped me to know how to apply clinical governance in my daily life. The WhatsApp group practice was very useful and l felt that group was my family. Asma did big effort in mentoring and training us despite of her very busy schedule. I made many friends there who helped me to pass this difficult exam. Dr Asma is a very honest person. l will always remember l subscribed to her course before l pass my part 2 exam. That time it was old style OSCE. The exam pattern changed and despite 2 years passed after that she gave me the new style course on my old subscription soon l passed my part 2 exam. l appreciate your commitment Dr Asma. Thank you very much for your support.

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