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Dr Lakshmi Irrinki (MRCOG Part-3)

08 Dec 2018

I started preparing for part 2 MRCOG early this year in the month of February. It was a proud moment for me when I cleared part 2 in my first attempt . The real ordeal started when I got a slot to appear for part 3 at Delhi in November. I was totally lost. Just didn’t know how to go about. I was reading PIL and guidelines randomly. But after enrolling myself in the BeMRCOG e-course, group practice and attending Dr Asma’s workshop, I realised that my preparation must include a new dimension. She taught me where to start and where to end a consultation. And what should be done outside the station and with what mindset one should enter the station. I thank her for helping me in this journey of acquiring MRCOG. Lakshmi

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