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Dr Mily Nair (MRCOG Part-3)

08 Dec 2018

BEMRCOG has made my MRCOG dream possible in the very first attempt. I am extremely happy to write this testimonial, never thought I would be doing it. I used to read others testimonial and pep up my self. Maybe today writing this I can help someone’s dream come true. I joined BEMRCOG in June ‘ 18 and 4 months of being at this platform has transformed me as a person in all walks of life i.e. personal as well as professional. BeMRCOG is the only online course I have done but I took all varieties it offers; the e-course, the part 3 workshop, the clinical governance workshop and the group practice (twice). Asma’s way of teaching is unique. Don’t expect spoon feeding. Though she is tough outside but very soft inside. She cares & knows about all her students. She gives very valuable critical feedback and it really depends on the person how he or she takes it. But that very feedback is the game changer. Because once you know your faults, loopholes and weaknesses, only then you know where and how to improve. The e-tutorials are a storehouse of information. Everything you need for this exam, you’ll find it there. Each time you read you’ll find something new. The audio version of the tutorials made it easy for me to keep listening even on the go while whatever I was doing. To top it all is the WhatsApp group practice. It was an amazing experience!! Though tough and gruelling schedule during work, it has enough of breathers in between. Daily activities help like presenting or giving feedbacks on separate domains improve your communication skills tremendously. With this daily practice, within a short span of time, I was able to incorporate crucial skills like 360 degree view situational awareness, so much so that It has become my reflex behaviour in day to day life. This group activity introduced me to the idea of reflective practice which I was totally unaware of. There is no spoon feeding, on the contrary, Asma makes you work hard to look for your own pitfalls, so much so that It gets imprinted in your head and you don’t need to revise. This is why I recommend joining this group practice because it helps you form the reflex behaviour which ultimately comes up naturally under the stress of the exam. After joining this platform and experiencing a variety of learning experiences, I develop a strong trust for BeMRCOG tutorials and group practice that didn’t feel the need to join any other online course as it met all my needs. This has been my second family and I have made many lovely friends. Most of all Asma who is a real mentor and true friend. Thanks for coming into my life. Mily

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