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Dr Zahida Thaha (MRCOG Part-3)

07 Dec 2018

Hello my friends … This is to share my experience of MRCOG part 3 exam for all those who are preparing for it. Believe me as Asma rightly says this is an easy exam, you just need to find the key points in each module and that’s it, you got it . I attended courses before I joined BeMRCOG course and group practice. There I did a few cases, but still I never got an idea of the pattern of work and exam in UK. I was completely lost just 2 months before exams , when one of my friends recommended Asma’s courses. And when I joined this course, I realized where I was wrong and what I needed to improve. It felt like a teacher with a stick observing all the students silently. I was a bit shy and despite of having gone through all her e-tutorials, I never spoke up in the group practice thinking I would go wrong. Then one day I got a personal message from her asking me to share my problems. I just opened up and shared the issues I was facing. I felt extremely better after having that conversation. Each and every one of us is capable of doing it but there are certain hindrances in life that comes in our way and stop us from improving. It felt like I have an elder sister with whom I can share all my feelings. She corrected me and she again corrected me, over and over again until I knew what actually was wrong with me. There are a very few teachers who do that; trying to bring out the reason and find a solution when a student is not performing. And I say this proudly to all of you that I was one among those from BeMRCOG, who have passed this exam in first attempt with just 3 weeks preparation . So dear friends get yourself completely involved for each and every word that comes from her mouth, there is a lot of meaning in it. I am sure you also can do it with a good mentor like her. Flash cards helped me a lot, in the exam I was able to identify the module correctly and talk about it. Just be yourself, identify your pitfalls and improve on it, this is what you will get to know here at BeMRCOG. Asma in her last talk said, ‘Deal with 14 stations as they are your day to day patients’. and that’ s all I remember before I entered each station. Thanks, Zahida

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