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Dr Ammara Kashif (MRCOG Part-3)

06 Dec 2018

I am extremely thankful to Allah who has given me an ooportunity to write testimonial for BeMRCOG. There was a time when I used to read testimonials from other students and now writing mine after passing Part 3 in first attempt. When I cleared part 2 exam, I was totally blank regarding part 3 requirements being a non-UK based candidate. I skipped the immediate exam due to personal commitments, so decided to join some online course meanwhile. Thankfully I chose BeMRCOG. This course provides you with module-wise e-tutorials which you can listen to at your convenience. Right from the beginning, I got the idea what the exam is about; the five domains and module wise preparation. This strong foundation helped me build further blocks over it. I always took scenario according to the module and honestly speaking Asma is the only person who makes this strong base. During all my practice Asma’s advice kept on echoing in my mind regarding any scenario which made things easier for me. She always tried to build in us all the qualities which are expected of us during the exam as we are competing with UK candidates. There is no spoon feeding but she will train you in a way that you will unknowingly develop the leadership skills and holistic approach. BeMRCOG made my dream come true. It’s a tough path but the fruit is beautiful. Ammara Kashif

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