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Dr Rubab Khalid (MRCOG Part-3)

09 Oct 2018

It gives me immense pleasure to write a testimonial for BeMRCOG part 3 course. The aim is to help you understand about this platform and how you can gain the maximum benefit from this which will ease your journey of MRCOG like it did for me. There are many online courses available for Part 3. I did not take any other than BeMRCOG. BeMRCOG part 3 course comprises of different components which are designed by Dr Asma Naqi especially keeping in need for overseas candidates. Part 3 requires certain skills, competencies & attitudes which need time to develop. Being on this course is a simulated distant learning program which is very structured under her direct supervision. I was lucky to be on this platform since my part 2 exam preparation, which provided me enough time to develop subconscious attitudes & behaviours required for this exam. Now I’ll write about the different components of this and how it helped me to get through this exam. E-Tutorials: This is the basic component of this course. The course subscription is one year (unlike other courses) which is enough time to prepare for the exam. It starts from very basics covering all the 14 modules, domains & consultation model in a very structured way. It’s important to follow them in a sequence to make sense. It’s audio-visual and can be accessed at the comfort of your home at a time suitable to you. It is a comprehensive guide but it’s important to do the hard work yourself. I made my notes & templates with the help of these tutorials alongside other books for each module. It has a very important section on clinical governance which covers almost all the points needed for this exam. (Optionally, you can attend Clinical Governance online workshop from beMRCOG as well to help you understand the UK systems. I attended this workshop during my part 2 preparation). Sample stations are helpful to know how to perform in a particular module. It helped me pick up appropriate words, sentences & tone of voice. If you follow the e-tutorials systematically, they are enough to understand all the required components of this exam. You do need to look into other study resources as well, but it provides you with a path & guidance which you can follow as suitable to your own needs. The rest is your own efforts and practise 🙂 2-days Live Workshop: This is one of the essential components of the course covering all 14 modules. It simulates the real exam situation with 2 minutes reading time & 10 minutes of performance. It requires you to go through the e-tutorials at-least once to get the maximum benefit. You get to attend a high-quality workshop interacting with candidates from all over the world. Asma’s valuable individual feedback is the essence of this workshop. You might be disheartened, but honest & realistic feedback is very important if you want to be successful and improve yourself. I learned a lot from other candidates’ performances and their feedbacks as well. This is one of my personal favourite component of this course which I enjoyed the most (even though my own performance was pathetic 😉 WhatsApp Study Group: It was one of the complementary/voluntary components of the course when I subscribed (now there is some change in policy to assure the quality of this practice). It is a great platform for group practice. It is moderated in a very structured way of practising which is based on e-tutorials and modules. It’s a great way to interact with others and learn from each other. Even though I could not be very active but being in the group clarified a lot of concepts like modules, themes, competencies, flash cards, team-working, leadership skills, choice of words, appropriate sentences and situational awareness (to name a few). I used to listen to each and every audio which let me keep in touch with the exam preparation even on tougher days. All the learning is group effort which is helpful to everyone but participating in the group helps your own learning the most. Tasks are allocated to different people & each task has a purpose behind it. I am aware that there are many other active groups which let you do group effort but the difference in BeMRCOG WhatsApp part 3 study group is Dr Asma’s unique moderation, strict discipline, quality assurance and her valuable detailed feedbacks which you will not find anywhere else. Additional Points: This course is CPD accredited which are internationally recognised You have direct access to your mentor 24/7 who is just a text away. Helpdesk is very efficient in solving the queries. I can say it very confidently as I have been a subscriber for more than two years There is also an option of 1-1 sessions. I did not take any. My experience with BeMRCOG family has been great. I wish and hope to see it expand more. Thanks Dr Rubab Khalid

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