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Dr Shahida Tasneem (MRCOG Part-2)

09 Aug 2018

Dear colleagues, I dreamt of passing MRCOG some 3 yrs ago, but very soon met the reality check when I failed my first attempt for part 2. I realised it requires more hard work than I expected. Then I came to know about Dr. Asma’s workshop through some friends which I found very motivating and I subscribed her online course for part 2. I made my own notes as per her guidance but I failed again. This was the time when I was really upset. Zillions of thanks to Dr Asma that she remained in contact with me in this time of despair. She re-motivated me and I restarted. This time she analyzed my notes critically and guided me how to modify them. She helped me throughout this period in making algorithms of y notes. When I completed my notes, we started revision and she guided me how to do revisions of the topics in an effective way. Believe me, these algorithms making was the most fruitful thing for me, because it not only made my topics short and to the point, but also helped me during revisions. Dr Asma remained in touch throughout the months of my preparation. As far as I know she is the only mentor of her kind, who will give her advices and direction until you pass exam. I found her very strict and critical in giving comments about my preparations, so much so, that sometimes I felt reluctant of reporting her back about my progress. However, today I feel that this strict check really helped me pass this difficult exam. I liked her method of revisions because she sets the standards of hard work too high that you are compelled to burn midnight oil. Another good thing about her is that she gives individual attention to all the candidates according to his or her particular progress towards exam preparation. The day I received my result, I prayed a lot for Dr. Asma because it was not possible for me to accomplish this success without her stewardship. Now I’m heading towards part 3 with full trust in her team and I am sure that with their help I can fulfil my dream, InshaAllah.

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