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Dr Ameena Shahbazker (MRCOG Part-2)

18 Jun 2013

“I was a struggling MRCOG candidate knowing nothing where to start what to study how to study, and ohh the EMQs and SAQs were killers. Like most of us, I used to curse the system. But allhamdullilh I came across Dr Asma’s website and it was like a ray of hope for me. As most of us have the knowledge but we don’t have the direction. Dr Asma turned out to be a great mentor, teacher and a friend. Her way of teaching and her tutorials made me look at MRCOG exam from a new angle. And with due course of time my fears of EMQs and SAQs were gone .I knew exactly what to read , from where to read and how to read. She gives each candidate individual attention ,and teaches them according to their level of understanding. Her dedication and sincerity to her candidates is amazing. She gives her 100 percent and expect the same from you..her online course is an excellent guidance for overseas candidates ,who are mostly lost in the sea of knowledge. I strongly recommend this course to all and wish best of luck!”

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