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Dr Sirisha Pramatha (MRCOG Part-3)

23 Jun 2018

Hi I am Sirisha. Happy to share with you that I passed MRCOG part 3 examination. It took me 3 attempts. 1st attempt I was unprepared but I did put every possible effort in my 2nd attempt but still couldn’t perform well. Then I joined BeMRCOG. In the debriefing session, I told Asma that I worked very hard but still failed. She said that I didn’t understand the exam. I felt weird on this feedback as I lost with only 2 scores. But still I wanted to try in the new way, as my way of preparation obviously did not work. There onwards, I strictly followed Asma’s tutorials, participated in group study, took criticism positively and subsequently got good score this time. BeMRCOG is a long, but complete course. Asma facilitates learning by assigning tasks. The preparation style was all new to me. Everything that happens in the practice group is exam-oriented. Team work, leadership, feedback, reflection and UK system became a part of my routine practice. Each day I was preparing for the exam even while going through a regular day. Additionally, I was practicing as many stations as possible. On the day of exam, I was very stressed. I had palpitations night before and couldn’t sleep. I still performed well, because I had already developed a sort of automatic reflex that met exam standards. There are many courses available for MRCOG Part 3 preparation. Every course is useful. but I benefited more from BeMRCOG. Many thanks to Asma. I will remember her whenever I see ‘MRCOG’ beside my name.

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