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Dr Asima Iram (MRCOG Part-3)

20 Jun 2018

Today I ‘ll take the opportunity to say thanks to Dr Asma Naqi and BeMRCOG team after passing MRCOG . When I started this journey it was not easy and I did not have idea how to start. But after going through e-tutorials and with Asma’s guidance my concepts totally changed. The way she guides and gives feedback is amazing that no one else does really. I never looked at MRCOG in terms of themes, flash cards and much more hard work. She does not spoon-feed, instead she works to modify the way you think, which eventually helps you to reach your goal. I was in the WhatsApp group, but I didn’t participate actively due to busy routines. Also, in the beginning I didn’t have much idea of how to practice, but with the time when I heard recordings of friends in the group and Asma’s feedback on each task individually trust me it totally changed my concept of the exam and I started getting things clear in my mind. It’s a marvellous platform and Asma as a mentor and as a human is an excellent person in herself . The course subscription is for 1 year that it gives to chance for a long time to go through tutorials as well as group activities. There is no burden to pay again and again, and most people do pass during this time period. So, it very cost effective with a one-off fee for so much to get. I will say thanks again to Asma Naqi, her wonderful team that is always eager to help whenever u ask them. Asima iram

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