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Dr Humera Mumtaz (MRCOG Part-3)

20 Jun 2018

2 years ago, when I started into my journey of MRCOG, it was all hazy and full of uncertainties. The only solution in front me was to take it as a challenge and keep going towards the destination. My journey with BeMRCOG started when I came across a workshop on Clinical Governance. It turned out to be the first ray of light to show me path in my struggle, opening new doors and giving me an insight into the uk systems and what the exam revolves around. With the passing time, my relationship with BeMRCOG family grew stronger. I passed part 2 and soon after the euphoria was gone, I started to feel palpitations thinking about part 3. I felt it was unachievable and so far off for me. I was confused between many courses and Books. Finally I reached out to Asma once again for guidance and advise; and today I can say with confidence that joining this online course for part 3 was the best decision I made at that time. BeMRCOG course formed the strong foundation to buid on further. We started off with small and general tasks that were not only achievable but helped me to overcome my fear of expressing myself in front of other people. As we progressed in practice, I noticed refinement in my performance day by day. Commitment and discipline were the first lessons we learnt. It was such a beautiful combination of group activity and independent practice. There were times we worked as a part of a team, and at other times we got leadership roles. I felt myself growing in communication ,confidence and expression. And today. I am very happy to pass part 3 in the first attempt. BeMRCOG was not only a base to achieve success in MRCOG, but it also turned out to be a journey of self-discovery. I don’t recall Asma teaching us medical knowledge available in books and guidelines, instead she encouraged us to think logically, come up with new ideas and solutions and be self-sufficient. By grooming this ability in us, she prepared us to deal with any situation. Finally, BeMRCOG not only taught me how to pass an exam, but also how to be a better human and be more useful, sensitive towards others, compassionate and honest clinician in my day to day life. I am so proud to be a part of BeMRCOG family. Thank you and Best wishes.

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