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Dr Sarwat Umer (MRCOG Part-3)

19 Jun 2018

Today my dream came true. Being an MRCOG is indeed the greatest achievement, best feeling and the most proud moment so far in my life!!!! It was never possible without Dr. Asma’s valuable guidance and the whole BeMRCOG family. I booked this course half-heartedly and never took it seriously, until I badly crashed in the first attempt of MRCOG Part 3. I was heart-broken and shattered as it was my first ever failure in life. Then we had a debriefing with Dr. Asma. It was very traumatic for that time. But later on, I started to think over and over about Asma’s feedback and advice and I still remember her words, “First you have to unlearn the wrong things and then learn what’s actually required”. I thought over it again and again, and I did a very critical analysis of myself after the debriefing and then started probing what’s missing and jotted down all my shortcomings. After coming out from that traumatic event, I started learning all over again, afresh with a new view to the modules in e-tutorials from a different perspective as guided by Asma. Believe me she has very nicely compiled/organized the whole vast syllabus in a nut shell . I must say that it’s a hidden treasure, every time you read it you will get to learn newer things. Asma possesses a very unique and full of energy style of teaching, it enables you to discover your own hidden potentials and discourages blind copying others. If you follow her course seriously, with one year subscription and instructions you un knowingly develop skills and techniques to successfully pass the exam. A complimentary Whatsapp group created by Asma helped me a lot, as she not only gives different tasks in the group but pay individual attention to everyone in the group by giving her valuable feedback which are the pearls of wisdom. Though some members in the group thought that the exercise given in the group was a waste of time, but trust me her valuable advice really helped me in rectifying my mistakes, as well as, boosting the confidence in myself – I knew clearly what I did good and what are the areas that need more practice. I have never seen such an enthusiastic mentor in organizing specialized activity in such a large group. Whatever task was given had a purpose behind it, therefore, I suggest all the members to actively participate in the group practice tasks. This is indeed a great opportunity to start believing in yourself , and that is what exactly is required for this exam. Although, I took only one session of 1-1 practice with Asma, but that one hour sitting really helped me a lot in rectifying how to cover all domains in an effective and efficient manner and uncover my hidden potential. I will forever be very grateful to Asma, for being so caring, dedicated and concerned about our preparation; She’s really a gem of person. As a closing note, I would like to add that Asma is as strict as a teacher should be, which I realize has helped me to stay on track, practice in right direction and avoid unnecessary reading; but at the same time she is super kind like a mother. God bless you always!

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