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Dr Nousheen Khan (MRCOG Part-3)

19 Jun 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Asma and her team for the expert guidance. How much I wish that I knew about BeMRCOG earlier. Every word from Asma is a golden word and the most practical advice not only for the exam but also for so many lessons in day to day life. I still remember when I told her after joining BeMRCOG that despite of practising very hard in my first attempt, I failed. She told me that what you practise (the quality) matters, not how much (the quantity) you practice….and that was it! From that point onwards, following her tutorials and being involved in the WhatsApp group made me confident for the exam and I cleared it! Asma also makes sure she bring behavioural changes towards our real life patients which is not only helpful for exam, but teaches us the correct ethos. My main tip from my experience with BeMRCOG would be to follow each and every advice seriously, and listen all the tutorials carefully, they would help to prepare you very well for the exam. The live workshop is an added bonus!! Once again, thanks a lot to the whole team and I wish you keep helping everyone to achieve their dreams. Nousheen

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