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Dr Ei Mon Han (MRCOG Part-3)

07 Dec 2017

I am Dr Ei Mon Han from Mandalay, Myanmar and I am working as specialist register in my local hospital. I cleared my MRCOG part 2 exam in September 2016. When I started to prepare for my Part 3 exam, it was exactly 6 month before the exam. I started my preparation with uncertinity and difficulties, because I couldn’t attend any RCOG courses due to my personal limitations. So, I googled available online courses, and discovered the Clinical Governance (CG) Workshop run by BeMRCOG. It captured my interest as we are from non-UK region and lack knowledge of UK systems, which is a huge barrier to understand exam requirements. It was also my first time experience to an online course and to be honest, I was not sure in the beginning of the course, however, received warm greetings and great support from Gary and the helpdesk team and I felt more comfortable. What I want to point out here is the way Dr Asma teaches different aspects and issue of CG. She made us learn the UK system based on the problem solving and case approach. She also points out the exam approach of CG issue. Time Punctuality is the another point what I admired very much. Although one day course was finished, she allowed access to online tutorials and materials of CG and clarified our queries. That one day course is invaluable for non-UK based trainees, especially for me. Then, I decided to attend Part 3 clinical course which I found very different to other online courses. Different modules and study group formed an invaluable support for my preparation of Part 3 exam. Here, Dr Asma used very unique style of teaching. She never teaches in spoon feeding manner, instead she helps us to develop our own style of learning and problem solving. In addition to that she always try to fill the gap of everyone individually to meet their needs. For me, as I have a problem with fluency in English language, she continuously encouraged me to speak, record and put up in study group where she gave individual feedback to each and everyone. Another problem which I faced during exam and found difficulty with is that 2 min is very limited for me to read question and make idea before entering the exam room. When I ask Dr Asma how to overcome this problem, she gave me the answer to clarify module and theme of the question. I used that tip in each and every station in the exam room. Like everyone else, I also thought that MRCOG is very difficult. However, BeMRCOG Course made my study smooth and made my dream come through by helping me pass in the FIRST ATTEMPT and without any courses in UK or at RCOG. Thank you Dr Asma and your team for this wonderful experience!

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