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Dr Sujoy Dasgupta (MRCOG Part-3)

02 Dec 2017

I passed MRCOG part 2 in September 2017 from India and November 2017 was my 1st “attempt” for part 3. I am using the word “Attempt” because I went through several problems in my family and I heard that it was not possible to pass part 3 in one attempt by overseas candidates. I subscribed BEMRCOG because I was not able to get seat in any other course in the UK before the exam. But the preparatory workshop simply changed my mind. I learned the orientation, choice of words and the non verbal language. The 2 day workshop was hectic but it was worthy in all aspects. The constructive criticism was really helpful. One station was really very much helpful in actual exam was “explanation of post mortem Examination”. I simply repeated the words said by Dr Asma in the practice. Actually it was only after the course, I decided to go for “exam”, rather than the “attempt”. And I passed the exam in 1st attempt. I really have no words to express my gratitude for BeMRCOG.

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