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Dr Ameena Shahbazker (MRCOG Part-2 & Part-3)

02 Dec 2017

I am Dr Ameena Shahbazker, from Pakistan, also working and practising in Pakistan. So, MRCOG was difficult to understand initially because our practise here is quite different from what we are expected for this exam . It took a lot of hardwork , perseverance and patience , but nothing is impossible . Dr Asma Naqi and her course were with me since day one; motivating , inspiring , guiding , and cultivating hard work in me . I have learnt that there is no short cut for hard work . Asma cultivated hard work ,structured thinking , and the essence of a consultation in me. She was always there despite of her very busy routine. She made me feet that we were in her thoughts always. She is a great mentor. Despite of all our efforts to be spoon fed, she never gave up on us. The best thing about this exam and Asma’s mentoring is that I have come out to be a changed better person and a better doctor for my patients. I am really grateful for that ! So don’t just study for the sake of exam , apply it in your daily life and be MRCOG ! Every day! To get the most out of her course, read all her tutorials and listen to them. You may not understand anything at first but believe me as you practise and then refer back to each tutorial again and again, you will feel that the clouds are disappearing and the sun is shinning bright in the sky. You will be able to see everything so clearly then, just as what is expected out of you in this exam . Asma has left no stone upturned in her course , it’s all whatever is required is all there. I would really suggest everyone that after practising every module, just go back and listen to her audios and read her tutorial, every time . Yes EVERY TIME! That’s what has worked for me , and every time I picked up some thing new. Make your own notes flashcards and practise, practise, practise in your clinics , in your home , everywhere. Inculcate the habit of justifying using evidence for every thing you are saying , and doing , be it a viva or a patient station . Remember to tell WHY? That’s the key ! Best of luck!

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