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Dr Sardar Nargis Tabish (MRCOG Part-3)

12 Jun 2017

After Allah, I’m very grateful to Asma Naqi for ‘BeMRCOG’ who helped me to make my dream come true! This change in pattern from OSCE to part 3 clinical assessment is a very big challenge for non-UK students(as reflected by a dramatic change in passing rate) I really feel blessed to have Your course Asma! Its only BeMRCOG who taught me COMMUNICATION SKILLS so well which is incomparable to any other courses, Importance of CLINICAL GOVERNANCE and very well explained 14 modules BASICS OF EACH MODULE. Your course has given me general structure of each module that has helped me to build up my base and answer any unexpected scenario! Thank you for keeping personal interest in each student and working on our personality too This is another unique feature of BeMRCOG as I did many other courses but nobody knows who is Nargis!! We, non-UK candidates, are on our own during this journey. Thanks a lot for understanding our needs and giving your personal attention that gave me confidence to walk through this difficult journey and achieve my goal!! I would highly recommend this course to all non-UK candidates as its a one time investment and Asma not going to leave you until you pass the Exam!! May Allah reward you the Best!

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