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Dr Yasmin Imdad (MRCOG Part-3)

25 Nov 2016

BeMRCOG is a unique course in itself. Its very methodical, detailed and systematic information, covering all aspects of MRCOG . It clearly shows the hard work and effort put by Dr Asma to help us in achieving our dreams. Besides she provides the moral boost as well by writing the BLOGS and is readily available to help us all the time . She gives detailed feedback and tries to make us perfect in whatever we do. She covers all from the starting line to the end line in the stations in the part 3. The whatapp group she made for PART 3 is another advantage to discuss with colleagues and remove our fear of public speaking. I took the MRCOG part 3 course and clearly benefitted from this and would recommend this to all especially, the NON-UK candidates, as we are new to UK system. She gives a clear picture of how things work in UK and we become familiar with UK Systems and the whole MRCOG part 3 becomes easier once we know that . Thank you Dr Asma for making the whole journey easier for us .

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