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Dr Shahida Tasneem (Part 3 e-course, WhatsApp Group Practice, Part 3 Workshop, Clinical Governance Workshop )

17 Jun 2019

So the time has come for testimonial for BeMRCOG for which I have waited for almost one year. It is difficult to describe the whole year story of emotions and hardships, only what I feel at the end are immense thoughts of gratitude to Asma Naqi for all the push and pulls throughout this journey. In my opinion there are so many things in this course which make it very unique and most beneficial. This is only course which gives you concept of modules and domains and whole preparation is module wise instead of station wise. This thing helps in a way that candidate can have an idea of answer key and even can predict the next question of role player. All other groups will only work on stations and topics but the candidate can never learn the basic skills of each particular station which is being checked there by college. This is the only course which works on communication themes like dealing with difficult and angry patient and breaking bad news and the candidate can get maximum marks by reproducing the theme of communication of the task. No other person gives you an idea of competencies, emergency management, team working, leadership skills and clinical governance of which the overseas candidate are typically ignorant of. Six week group activity guides for each of above mentioned skills and Asma keeps performance track of each participant. E-tutorials are the only written directions about part 3 which I have come across during whole exam preparation, which cannot be found in any other place. Feedbacks given by Asma , Fatima and Maryam are priceless features of this platform. Asma is a trained teacher and is very well aware of UK system being presently working there in UK and is also well aware of overseas candidate weakness being herself overseas doctor. Above all she takes responsibility of each candidate , who joins the group and take him through learning process with full devotion. There is no doubt that her team especially Fatima and Maryam are real jewels in her team. Now after passing this exam I feel that Asma and her whole team will remain part of my life as I just love them and I always recommend to all who are preparing for this exam to stick with BeMRCOG. Thanks Asma , Fatima, Maryam and whole Bemrcog team.

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