BeMRCOG is a world-class long-distance learning hub based in England working since 2011. Our core mission at BeMRCOG is to help doctors prepare for postgraduate specialisation exams in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, as well as produce doctors who are ready to help solve real-world problems and become effective medical leaders.

Originally designed for MRCOG exam, our courses have proven to be highly effective in passing other board exams like MRCPI, EFOG, RANZCOG, ABOG, Kenyan Board, Arab Board and a few other postgraduate exams.

Our long-distance courses are offered in a variety of ways utilising innovation and technology and form part of a student experience that is consistently rated among the best worldwide. Our mandate is to achieve competitive excellence by empowering students not only with educational supremacy but also holistic diligence. We have a vivid vision and fundamental benchmarks and the challenge set for us is to preserve highest standards.

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