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Wake up call


WARNING before you begin to read this blog: If you are someone who is sitting for September 2016 MRCOG exam, this is advisable not to read this blog now. You may return to it later after your exams. I am compelled to write this wake up call for those who are planning to sit for March 2017 exam.  

The last 5 years of my mentorship of MRCOG part 2 candidates have turned out to be an invaluable learning experience for myself. I have learned all the reasons why people fail to succeed. In order to treat a problem, we always need a diagnosis. In this blog, I would like to address only one, but the most significant reasons of failure.

So, for practical purposes let’s take an example: You are planning to sit for exam in March 2017. As I write this blog, we are in August 2016. A very typical time when everyone starts a serious exam preparation is about 3-4 months before the exam. This takes us to October or November 2016. Oftentimes people approach me after paying exam fees….that would be December 2016. Ouch!!!

Those who know me, would approve the fact that I am a person full of positivity, hope and optimism. But, if I am completely honest with you, those are the times when I struggle to be optimistic and give them hope. Reason is simple! October/November is the deadline that I have given to my <seriously studying> students, to complete their first reading and be ready with their own hand-written notes of the ENTIRE syllabus. After this, I want them to have three thorough revisions of this syllabus with questions practice. I have strong time-tested and evidence-based reasons for this approach which are beyond the scope of this blog. Now imagine you asking my advice at that point, where do I get my fuel of positivity from? You are asking me after you have lost the golden time. If you ask me today, I will fill you up with all possible fuel required to take you to your destination of success. I would believe in you more than you could believe in yourself, because, here in front of me is a person who is willing to do whatever it takes to travel a well-planned journey.

Remember, time is slipping like sand in an hourglass. Every day between sunset and sunrise, 24 golden hours are lost forever. You are the wealthiest person today, because you have this golden time in hand. If you want to sit for March, start the work today. I said work, because studies begin far later than the actual work of planning. I cannot over-emphasise the power of a proper and timely planning.

We can’t go back and have another beginning, but we can always start from now and have a new ending. Passing your exam is indeed one of the greatest joys on earth. But did you know there is a joy greater than this? This is the joy of an examiner that they find in failing to fail a candidate.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Asma Naqi

August 23, 2016

12 Responses on Wake up call"

  1. Anjum nawaz says:

    Email plan for mrcpi September wants t take ur lectures

    • Alex Miller says:

      Dear Dr. Anjum Nawaz,

      Thank you for your interest in our services and as such we will send you complete details in the email.

      But here I like to give you some basic information. BeMRCOG is offering Part 2 & 3 online courses which can be accessed at your convenience from any where. It is pertinent to mention that the courses we offer are equally valid for the preparation of MRCPI exam as testified by our subscribers in the past. The pass rate for MRCPI is 100% in the first attempt. Further details are furnished in email.

      Looking forward to have you on-board.

      Alex Miller

  2. Bhawana Upendra says:

    Good morning mam, need to enroll into your e courses for the part 2 due in Sep 2017.
    Could not clear this March exam.
    kindly guide me.

  3. syeda fiza bukhari says:

    Comments a mam plz help me regarding some quires…

  4. Thanks alot for your advice…

  5. Iram qayyum says:

    Excellent advice

  6. Dr.farzeen bajwa says:

    Great advice

  7. Sanam baloch says:

    I really need a boost like this and will need ur help in future

  8. Just the perfect fuel of inspiration i needed..thank you so much Dr.Asma Naqi

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