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The Story of Rubab Khalid

The bright and brilliant Rubab Khalid shares the final story of her journey through MRCOG.

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Now I am going to share my personal story of part 3 which is incomplete without BeMRCOG & Dr Asma Naqi.

What you see is that I passed this exam in the first attempt being an overseas candidate without any UK experience. The purpose of sharing my story is to allow you see that things are not so simple as they might seem on the surface 🙂

I passed my part 2 in September 2017. At that time I didn’t have much idea about the part 3. I had a major change coming up in my life as I was moving countries. Going for part 3 seemed very difficult & impossible at that time. So I planned to take it in May 2018. I was already on BeMRCOG part 3 course since my part 2 exam prep days. My Part 3 subscription was activated the day I passed part 2. I was added in the WhatsApp study group which was very active at that time for Nov 2017 exam prep. In the beginning, it didn’t make sense to me, but what I realised was that the mindset & requirements for part 3 are totally different than part 2. I started going through the e-tutorials on the website in the sequence & making my own history templates & notes. After listening to e-tutorials, WhatsApp group recordings, feedbacks & self-reflections of others members, slowly things started to make sense to me. I learned about the appropriate use of sentences, the tone of voice & approach toward a patient. This was my observation phase in the group, but I still learned a lot.

Then there was a very well-structured practice under Asma’s direct supervision which started as very basic daily base tasks, but each of those tasks was directly applicable in the exam. Unfortunately, due to my own personal circumstances, I could not participate very actively in the group practice. But I made sure that I listened to each & every recording to pick the important points. What I want to highlight is that you can always learn from others if you are willing to. I was introduced to the concept of themes, competencies & flashcards which was a group effort of wonderful members. For each module & task, a specific role was assigned to a person which was important in its own. Once you understand the basic domains, history format & consultation structure then it becomes very easy to practise module wise. After listening to Asma’s feedbacks I learned that this exam is very simple & we just need to show the level of competent ST5.

Meanwhile, I attended the RCOG course conducted in Dubai as I was not very sure I would be able to take one in the UK.

Then I attended the BeMRCOG 2-day Live workshop in March 2018. It was very useful in clarifying all the modules & themes. It was based on knowledge gained from e-tutorials and all the hard work we had been doing in the WhatsApp group. It was kind of solving the Rubik’s cube :).

My preparation was on full flow & I was practising daily with my study buddy but unfortunately, my visa got rejected & I had to postpone the exam to September. It was a very frustrating time as so many plans were disturbed. Side by side I had to face a lot of uncertainties & challenges in my personal life as well. But I didn’t give up. All I did was to do SOMETHING about the exam each & every day no matter what was happening in my life. I used to watch the StratOG videos or some youtube videos in my free time. I kept going through e-tutorials, recordings and learned something new each time.

It was mid of June. Now I was left with no study buddy. After the May exam results, I paid special attention to the successful candidates’ audio recordings in the group to pick what made the difference in their success. That’s how I kept myself attached with the exam preparation. This exam really requires self-motivation, persistence & perseverance.

Once again my visa was rejected in the last week of July. In that difficult time, Asma supported me as a friend and didn’t let my moral go down. I took another risk of re-applying visa which was finally granted when only 3 weeks were left for the exam. All this had already affected my exam preparation very badly. I didn’t have a study buddy, companion to travel or share accommodation as no time left to find one. Still, I decided to go for the exam as I could not delay it anymore considering that there is a change in college policy about taking part 3.

Now when I look back, having my UK visa rejected twice taught me a very important lesson which helped me in my exam, until & unless you come up to a certain standard you will not be able to achieve it, the onus is on us to show that.

I had very little time to plan for my visit with a lot of things to sort out. However, by that time I did understand that this exam is all about communication. I went with a very positive attitude. All I did during the exam was to follow the basic rules of the consultation model, keeping in mind the module, themes & general templates which I had clearly learned by being on the BeMRCOG platform. These were all subconscious behaviours & attitudes which I developed over a period of time.

The most important thing during the exam is situational awareness, keeping calm & being confident. Utilise the initial 2 minutes to know what’s the module, what’s the theme, which domains are to be tested & what are you required to do inside the station. Just think you are dealing and talking with real patient & no one is looking at you. Your natural reflexes will come up. If you follow this basic rule you’ll definitely make it. Like I did 🙂

What I am hoping you to pick from my real story is that we all go through tough situations. Trust me, my circumstances couldn’t have been worse before this exam. Its all about our reaction and attitude towards those situations which makes all the difference. You need to keep believing in yourself & keep pushing taking small steps consistently towards your goal until you reach it. Never give in 🙂

I will be forever grateful to BeMRCOG & Dr Asma Naqi to help me accomplish my journey of MRCOG. Thanks is a very small word for all the respect & gratitude I have for this platform.

I wish you all the very best.

Dr Rubab Khalid


October 9, 2018

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  1. Bharathi K R says:

    Very inspiring and motivational write up Dr. Rubab Khalid.. For beginners like me, very helpful indeed.

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