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Dr. Saritha Mudium (MRCOG OSCE)

I am glad to write about Dr Asma Naqi, who is running a BeMRCOG online course in spite of her hectic schedule. Starting from the name of the course which aspires to become a ¬†member of RCOG till success in a simple way is unique in Asma’s course.
It’s quiet different from other courses-
A) It is an ongoing online course ( not a one or two days) which is quiet economical,
B) covers all and important aspects in audio tutorials,
C) Group workshops and individual feedback are very important,
D) last but not least the online help desk available for technical difficulties and guidance.
The focus is for candidates who are not working in UK. It is simple, clear, structured, well framed to face MRCOG exams…
Saritha .M

Dr, Saritha Mudium - MRCOG Student