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Part 3/ OSCE Workshop (Oct. 2016)

A 2-day live workshop was held on October 22 and 23, 2016 for MRCOG part 3/ MRCPI OSCEs. There were 15 participants who joined the event in real-time from 6 various countries across the world. Below is the compilation of feedback comments that was gathered using an anonymous survey monkey. Some of the comments were shared on WhatsApp group but are kept anonymous on this occasion (respecting wishes of the participants).


‘This was one of the most unique experience I ever had. I attended other online courses for part 3 too but I have no hesitation is saying that there is no comparison in the standard that you are maintaining Asma. Please keep it up even if you have challenges, don’t ever stop this effort.’


‘Dear Asma, we were really impressed by your dedication, team and time management. We really admired the height of professionalism that you demonstrated in the workshop. You are a living example for all of us.’


‘Dr Asma is very efficient & Professional ,she treats all the candidate equally in care & respect – The Diversity of the candidate ,they are from different countries , that enriches the experience of the course.’


‘Thank you Asma, I could never imagine how beautifully you managed to engage everyone. And I myself didn’t doze off for a moment.’


‘Thank you very much Asma, Can’t forget this meaningful event, really excellent!’


‘Thanks Asma, unique course I ever attended in my medical life, keep it up, you are really doing a great work.’


‘Such dedication is rarely seen these days.’


‘Words are small to say thanks a lot Asma. Indeed wonderful experience by this course.’


‘All qualities of an excellent teacher, wonderful course.’


‘Without mentor you will not ever dream to have a right direction, but now it’s our turn to prove that we can achieve our goals.’



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