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Feedback comments on the first webinar

Below mentioned is a compilation of some of the comments/ testimonials received on the recent 3 days intensive course for the written exam. Anonymous comments are gathered from survey monkey.


“Dr Asma, I don’t know how you thought of this unique idea, which I never even heard of..very very unique and very beneficial course plus great value for money.
Only people who attended your course know how lucky they feel, because I can’t explain the unique and wonderful experience I’m having.
JazakAllah, may Allah give you more strength and health to help and guide people who are lost in their way to success…”

Dr Raheela Naz.


“The webinar was very useful, this course gave me a new idea about study regarding MRCOG2. How to organise my self , how to think deep & lateral and correlate study with clinical, through an attractive and interactive way of teaching . Thanks Dr.Asma. ”

Dr Mutawakil Elseisi


“Its really upto the mark as mentioned in advertisement for today. Hoping to get more out of it in next 2 days.” – Anonymous


“This type of teaching session, only Asma can do. Proud to know you Dr Asma.” – Anonymous


“All amazing and new, cant believe I sat n study for 7 hrs.” – Anonymous


“The experience is even better than the advertisement. well done Dr. Asma.” – Anonymous


“Amazing way of how to approach questions. Completely changed my thinking towards exam preparation.”


“Thanks Dr.Asma .the way of teaching is very atractive and valuable and made me think differently and how to apply on clinical practice what I read . ” – Anonymous


“Your way of teaching is excellent. The way u guided us towards ILOs and lateral thinking was just incredible, never thought this way. “- Anonymous


“Now after attending today’s session I am regretting why I didnot know about you before. Cant wait till tomorrow.” – Anonymous


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