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Dr. Shazia Tariq (MRCOG Part 2)

Dear All,

Here is my story.

MRCOG Part 2 is a tough exam because it not only tests your knowledge, but also its clinical application.
As I have no experience of working in the UK, so naturally my knowledge was limited to books or colleagues. So when I was preparing for this exam I always felt that I need some guidance regarding UK systems.

During my search, I came across BeMRCOG and attended a 3 days workshop conducted by BeMRCOG. I was surprised to discover that the only change I needed was the pattern of study itself. Then, I subscribed for the part 2 e-course. I was expecting like other courses to get some ready to eat all cooked stuff, but Dr Asma Naqi encouraged me to do a structured study by going through modules and making my own notes.

Trust me once I made my own notes , all confusion started settling and my concepts became strong enough that Alhamdulilah I cleared my written exam right away.

I am grateful to Dr Asma for her guidance and support and her Help desk team too. I would recommend BeMRCOG e-course and live workshops to all who want to clear this exam so you can achieve your dreams like I did.

Dr Shazia Tariq


Dr. Shazia Tariq BeMRCOG Student