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Clinical Governance Workshop

First workshop on Clinical Governance was held on October 8, 2016, in which 22 participants joined from 12 different countries across the world at the same time. We conducted an anonymous survey as routine and 95% participants rated it as an outstanding event with excellent technical support. A few of many comments on the survey are quoted below:

‘I could never imagine a dry subject like CG could be made so interesting. Thank you Dr. Asma for bringing this new and unique experience to us.’ – Anonymous


‘Every person should attend this unique and brilliant workshop, after all 8 hours and 100 pounds is really nothing for the quality of content that was delivered to the us.’ – Anonymous


Thanks for the course led by Dr Asma Naqi on Clinical Governance. I took it and she made it so easy to understand this topic which seemed impossible to understand just by reading ,as we are not trained in UK. Thanks again and I recommend all non UK candidates to subscribe for it.’- Saima Ali


‘Dr. Asma is a very good teacher. She answered all the questions patiently. Very good and satisfactory experience. I am happy I joined this workshop.’ – Anonymous¬†


‘I have attended all live events delivered by Dr. Asma besides joining her e-course. I feel so inspired by her non-exhausting and enthusiastic teaching style. I get positive energy from her. This particular event was amazing because she made such a dry subject so interesting by using scenarios. Hats off Dr Asma.’ – Anonymous


‘You are asking any further improvement? I am thinking how did you even think of this unique idea. Just keep it going and please add a few more such workshops like urogyane and statistics.’ – Anonymous

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