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Pass Percentage

Before subscribing to any course, we tend to look at the pass percentage of that course. I really can’t understand how this pass percentage is calculated. Because, in my experience there is a big difference in the pass rates based on the candidate’s own efforts and performance. Let me explain this further. I have been running this course since 2011, now 3 years precisely.

Earlier on it was in the form of physical tutorials where I had one to one interaction with every candidate. Since the course is converted on-line, I am still in one-to-one contact with every candidate who has subscribed for the course. All their progress is recorded in the history which I review regularly and in fact this gives me a better insight on every person’s level of performance. I see a very wide variation on how each individual works through the same course material.

There is also a significant difference in individual level of commitment, uptake of information, regularity, and even continuity. The response to my feedback is also very variable, some like to be given a feedback on every single topic while the other extreme doesn’t even like to be contacted or checked. By the end of the day, the results of the exam is also highly variable with almost 100% passing rate for those who remained committed and followed through the advice.

Those who couldn’t follow the prescribed plan for whatever reason, either postponed to sit for the exam or remained unsuccessful, still wondering how to get through this unbelievably tough exam. So, the bottom line is that no matter how good a preparatory course is, there is no course on earth that can make you pass the exam without your own effort. Courses are just guidelines for you that give you a platform to form a base. You need to stick to one course with entire dedication in order to reap the fruit. So, when selecting a course instead of looking for the passing percentage (which no one goes to double check anyway and any figure can be stated) you must look for the features the course offers and if those features meet your requirements and your study style.

But, the most important point here is that once you decide on any course, stick to that one course and stop shopping around. Do a good deal of that course following the instructions before you decide that it didn’t turn out to be what you were looking for. Remember, the syllabus is very tedious and extensive and often we have a desire to complete it quickly, go around everything in no time and always return back to square one. No matter what you try, ultimately you come to the realization that you need one direction to follow steadily and that’s the only way to go around everything.

BeMRCOG course is designed to work on building your foundation in a way that regardless of the type of questions in the exam, you are able to solve it because you have concrete concepts by the time you go through the modules systematically and consistently. And if you promise me to practice self-discipline and self-commitment, I can promise you success with confidence. Remember, you are the biggest obstacle in the way to your success and you are the biggest factor behind your achievement. Rest is all supplementary.

August 21, 2014

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