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My Odyssey,

From MRCOG through BeMRCOG Would you believe that I was the person who hated Ob/Gyn to the extent that I didn’t even opt for a rotation in this specialty during my internship? At those times we had to go two rounds of 6 months rotation in the specialties of our choice.

My future goal was to be a surgeon and in any of its sub-specialties and started my job in General Surgery. It just happened that after a few days of my job, they had a severe shortage in Ob/Gyn and pulled me out from GS to cover the labor room. I can never forget that moment when I examined my first patient and was just wondering where the os was, as all I could feel was just soft tissues all around.

Thanks to the charge midwife who was kind enough that she understood my problem and helped me examine the patient and told me she wasn’t in labor and her cervix was closed. Then a few hours later, when I examined the same patient again I almost screamed with joy when I felt my two fingers fitting in a ring like structure and for the first time I came to know how does an open cervix feel like. I was supposed to continue in that department for about 2 months which later happened to be forever. I used to be so unhappy and couldn’t envisage myself as an obstetrician and gynecologist.

Ultimately, I decided to sit for MRCOG part 1 after 4 years of struggling to get out of Ob/Gyn. After passing part 1 and completing my requirement for part 2, I sat for the exam twice just randomly preparing, juggling with the syllabus and getting frustrated as I couldn’t make a sense of anything. Third time was not very different as I didn’t do anything different, just studied hard not knowing properly how to do it. It happened a week before the exam when I encountered the website of Dr Tom McFarlane and that was the turning point in my life. It was too late by then but the next day after the exam, I started all over again and this time I just knew what to do precisely. I organized everything first of all and then started studying. This was so surprising for me how I didn’t ever noticed before how full of flaws and organization my study was.

For my OSCE I went to UK and I stayed with Dr. Tom for a month and the desire of doing something similar for non-UK candidates sparked in my heart at that time. I promised myself once I clear the exam, I will help the candidates understand the right way of study. So after I passed the exam, I started doing something similar to what Dr. Tom was doing i.e. tutorials except that I modified them according to the non-UK candidate’s needs.

Soon I realized that the three months of course wasn’t enough for the candidates to follow the pace of study and the idea of making the tutorials available online popped in my mind. It gradually developed and took the shape of what you will find now on this website. I hope this course will help you. Please feel free to contact me for any queries.

September 26, 2013

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  1. Meena Samant says:

    I am appearing in sept part 3 exam. Based in India.
    Need to tune for the stations. Traveling to UK in mid aug

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