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Antenatal screening

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    The antenatal screening for all women


    Mutawakil; the antenatal screening for rubella is stopped since April am I right?



    Dr. Naqi: Mutawakil, please give a reference where did you get this info from?

    Mutwakil: Stratog

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    Mutawakil: Dr.Asma what this means is it removed from screening programm or still?
    Mutwakil: Confusing


    Tanu‬: Oh wow that’s new info !


    Tanu; Further info abt rubella screening

    Dr. Naqi: Practically we still include this in antenatal screening though. Plz note that practically it takes many months before local hospital policies are changed and new recommendations applied. Examples almost all hospitals still follow old vte prophylaxis, old ctg guidance while awaiying new trust protocols
     Dr. Naqi: For exam purposes, u need to use updated authentic information

    This is why source and reference is extremely important

    tasabieh: So for exam purpose we should follow any updated guideline even if not yet practically applied to all local hospitals in the UK?
    Dr. Naqi: Yes
    Once published use that info
    Dr. Naqi: Thanks mutawakil and others also plz contribute effectively


    Rubella screening will be done by GP for women planning pregnancy and those who are non immune will receive mmr vaccination and 2 doses will provide protection for measels

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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