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April 6, 2016

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  1. Saba says:

    Hello. I m for September mrcog3. My friend advised me to attend your course. Kindly tell me which one 1 should do.

  2. Hi Asma , when will be the 3 day intensive course for part 2 before July 2018

  3. Hi , planning to pay for part 2 course but as money is limited , if i want half of the course , which modules should be taken,please guide , sitting in july 2018

  4. hi dr Asma , want to prepare for part 3 in may 2018 . want to enroll one course .please suggest . no idea for part 3 at all. just cleared part 2

  5. Shahab muhammad says:

    Dear sir,
    Do you have any online course preparation for MRCPI CLINICAL

    • Alex Miller says:

      Dear Dr. Shahab Muhammad,

      Thank you for your interest in our services. With regards to your query about MRCPI Clinical, I would like to clarify that our courses for MRCOG Part 2 and 3 are equally helpful for MRCPI written and oral exam preparation. In fact, the pass rate for MRCPI is 100% in the first attempt. For details on MRCOG part 3, please check your email as information has been dispatched to your mailing address.

      BeMRCOG Help Desk Team

  6. Shahla says:

    Salaam , I just wanted to know if you have course for Mrcog part 1. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your query Dr. Shahla.

      Right now, we do not offer Part 1 courses but it is in the pipeline and we plan to offer them in near future. You can check back in about 3-4 months time for Part 1 courses.

      Thank you once again.

      BeMRCOG Help-Desk

  7. Deepika Garg says:

    Hello dr asma. I am to appear for mrcog part 3 in may 2017. Please guide me which course to opt for
    Thanking you
    Dr deepika garg

  8. Deepika Garg says:

    Hello dr asma. I am to appear for mrcog part 3 in may 2017. Please guide me which course to opt for

  9. Javaria imam says:

    Kindly make it clear that what is meant by one third r half?
    I want to appear in March 2017,I want to cover all topics so suggest me what should I do?
    I had my 1st attempt in September in which I scored 55.
    Thanks a lot

  10. rabia habib says:

    HELLO DR ASMA,i want to appear in march 2017,i gave attempt of sep 2016 but couldnt clear.kindly help me which course i should select.i m in ksa.

  11. Asma Naqi says:

    Hi Zaheeda,
    You can find all details by clicking on the image of a particular course, but you need to be logged in on the website before doing that.
    I would suggest you should definitely go for the 3-days intensive course and well as written course. You can select the modules or subscribe for full course, depending on your choice.
    Hope this helps.

  12. Zaheeda says:

    Hello dr asma ,
    I am giving my exams in March , which is the best coarse that I can join , can I get the details of it please ,

  13. Thank you so much Dr.Asma for the great efforts.Really it is valuable course.

  14. Asma Naqi says:

    Dear Mobina,

    A feedback form is available at the end of each tutorial. In fact this feedback must be completed in order to claim your CPD credits of that tutorial (including the free sample tutorial).


  15. Dr Nagi, how can I give feedbacks of individuals Modules?

  16. Asma Naqi says:

    Hi Dr Faiza Nawaz,

    The written course subscription lasts for 3 years regardless of the fees.
    The fees varies with the number of modules you choose (One third, half or full course).
    So, for instance, if you subscribe for one third course you will pay £320 and will have access for 3 years. Likewise, if you subscribe for full course, you will pay £860 and retain access for 3 years.
    With regards to timings, the sooner you start preparation the better. In my experience, this is a good time to start preparation, because there is a lot of background work that is needed before the actual study begins.
    I hope this answers your question.


  17. salam dr asma i want to ask about the 3 years mrcog part 2 course,what about this cost range.means if i attend for one year then 320 n so forth.i will go for september 2017 in sha Allah.what do you suggest for me as a good choice.i am from pak n started preparing for my part 2.

  18. Asma Naqi says:

    Hi Dr Mohamed,
    Thanks for your inquiry.
    The choice of course really depends on the level of your preparation and the time remaining. For coming September, I would suggest you should go for the 3 days intensive course, to have an overall understanding on how to take the rest of the preparation. Other written courses are ideal for a complete preparation but require at least a couple of months to go through them.
    Hope this helps.

  19. Dear sir
    Than you for your effort, Please make advice for me, l booked for part 2 coming September example, which category of your tutorial is suitable for my situation , totally costly and the method for paying.


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