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Dr Mourad Selim (MRCOG Part 3 E-Course)

12 Jun 2019

It is always great when a journey comes to an end. The feeling of passing obstacles, overcoming negative emotions and finding a Gain after pain is very rewarding. When the dream of MRCOG started for me, i was feeling like i want to touch the sky while being burden with responsibilities, a bunch of them! I did not find any motivation to start going this way ; that's I passed part 1 exam on 2007, followed by a long period of hibernation till 2016, when i had the call in my brain '' it looks like i missed something! '' it was the ten years allowance between part 1 and 2! I urgently did my AOT and could book an exam just before the deadline. This was because i never knew anyone who could pass part 2 without working in UK, this was my experience at that time. I was extremely happy after sitting it with only 2 months light reading of the guidelines because i thought after sitting it, I can do it. It is no more that far as i felt all the time. I prepared well for the next attempt while still burden by work and family responsibilities and i had that passion pushing me: iam playing a very interesting and challenging game and iam absolutely ready to win that game. With Tears in my eye and a dancing heart i celebrated the pass in part 2 exam in that attempt and litterally felt the sky next to my fingers. The dream is doable. It was an amazing moment 💕💕. Personally iam not a patient person who could tolerate to wait for long. I was pushed to go for part 3 exam 4 weeks only after my result. It was a very short time but i was overwhelmed with the shock of that moment. I surfed the internet for any help for part 3 exam and found very few. All what i knew was that 3 of my friends who worked in UK for years attempted it on the last occasion and all couldn't pass it. This was a second reason to directly go for it, Exploration. It is a hobby for someone who dares, yes, i should see it myself. At that time i knew about BeMRCOG and about Asma Naqi (who always asked me to call her just, Asma without dr 😊😊 ) and i felt i found the brain i was searching for. I felt many similarities between me and her. The work conditions before MRCOG in the gulf area, the self confidence, persistence and the amazing Helicopter viewing of anything . Asma was amazing in brainstorming, motivation, Debating and putting Rules. The IT team in BeMRCOG did a great job in the two days workshop to make it a real time experience . You see all and is seen by all at the same moment. They helped Asma in her battle to do what she exactly wants to. This was an eye opening, fear breaking and a real motivation to make me believe more and more that the dream is doable. Iam writing this testimonial willing heartedly, it could be inspiring for any of my colleagues to believe in themselves, and to enjoy their journey of MRCOG with a great person like Asma and the whole team of BeMRCOG ❤️❤️ Mourad Selim Cairo, Egypt, passed MRCOG in April 2019 June 10 2019

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