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Dr Fouzia Ahmed (Part 3 E-Tutorials, Part 3 Whatsapp Group Activity, Part 3 2-day Online Workshop)

13 Mar 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to share my journey of MRCOG on this platform. I cleared my part 2 MRCOG in July 2018 and began preparing for part 3 in December 2018 after receiving a surprise email from RCOG for an extra diet scheduled in February 2019. I went ahead with the exam booking despite the short time in hand and feeling all lost. Somebody then, recommended me online BEMRCOG course by Dr. Asma Naqi and today I am glad I subscribed to the e-tutorials as well as WhatsApp group activity and the two day workshop, as I would have never been able to sail through this ship of success without it. The e-tutorials really gave a sound foundation with clear understanding of modules as well as clinical governance; especially for a non-UK candidate. Interaction with the mentor herself during the WhatsApp group activity strengthened the concept of the exam as well as encouraged lateral thinking and enabled being vocal in front of the group. Apart from training for MRCOG, the course and the interaction with the mentor, Dr. Asma Naqi, also imbibes the right professional, personal and ethical values in an individual in the right direction. Dr. Asma Naqi is definitely one of the exceptional mentors I have met till date with exemplary teaching methods and is truly a source of great inspiration and guidance through her immense knowledge and proficiency. I really found all the courses I subscribed on BeMRCOG for part 3, unique and insightful, and recommend it to every fellow candidate desiring to achieve this dream of being an MRCOG. I sincerely thank BeMRCOG team for their immense support and wish success in all their future endeavours.

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