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Dr Selma Whitt (MRCOG Part-3)

17 Jun 2017

It is a privilege to write about my experience with BeMRCOG. After I passed part 2 MRCOG I had no clue as to which course would best prepare me for part 3, however, I wanted to take from someone who worked in the UK and was familiar with the health system. A friend introduced me to BeMRCOG and said, “Dr Asma is very good. She does not spoon feed you but she will guide you.” At first I hesitated as I wanted someone to spoon feed me, but finally I joined . It started off with the workshop in which my performance was poor. I could not even give a proper feedback, because I lacked basic understanding of part 3. I then started preparing through Asma’s lectures and notes. A few days later the group work started. It took me sometime for me to understand what was going on in the group. The older members in the group were so well versed and Dr Asma entrusted responsibilities to everyone in the group according to their capabilities. At first I used to write down what I was going to share pertaining to the tasks but after I knew what to say, it was spontaneous. I got the ‘know how’ and the foundation to build upon from this group. The rest was practice, practice, practice. Dr. Asma is disciplined and expects the same from every member of the group. I passed part 3 MRCOG in the first attempt and I attribute this in part to Dr Asma Naqi. I suggest that students pay attention to her lectures. Thank you Asma for what you do in this group. I hope that you will continue your BeMRCOG training for many years to come.

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